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Our Location...

Turning Tide Cottages are located at 8 Kite View Lane, Grand Manan NB. Despite months of trying, we still have not been able to have our lane added to Google Maps.


To find our lane please look-up 129 Ingalls Head Rd, Grand Manan, NB E5G3G5. This will bring you to our lane entrance on the left side of Ingalls Head Rd, there are signs visible from the road. Once you're on Kite View Lane, stay left until you see our large sign and keep left.

When leaving the ferry, drive south on Route 776 for 12km and turn left on Ingalls Head Road. Drive south for 1.3km and turn left onto Kite View Lane. Our driveway is left at the fork.

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Where is Grand Manan?
And, how do I get there?

Grand Manan Island is a small island off the coast of New Brunswick and Maine, at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. You need to take a 90-minute-long ferry ride from the mainland to Grand Manan. The ferry departs from Blacks Harbour, NB every four hours in the low seasons and every two hours in the summer (mid June-Sept). The most important thing to do before your trip is to reserve your spot on the boat through Coast Transport Ltd. You can do this either online at or by calling (506) 662-3724. *Once you have your reservation made, ensure you arrive at least 45 minutes before your sailing, or they will not hold your reserved spot.

Once you've loaded your vehicle on board, you will need to take the stairs or elevator up to the passenger deck. There are tables and chairs available to sit at during the voyage, and there is a counter service restaurant that offers food and drinks. On nice days, we recommend going up to the top deck and enjoying the sun and beautiful ocean views. The view of Swallowtail Lighthouse is truly spectacular when you're rounding the corner to approach Grand Manan. You may see porpoise, dolphins and whales during the crossing. There is a children’s room that has some arcade games and a small play structure for families. Listen for the little jingle and message played on the speakers when it's time to return to your vehicle.


Head down to your vehicle and get ready to go exploring!

Getting to an Island in the Bay of Fundy is always an adventure... Some days it feels more adventurous than others! Don't worry, our experienced captains and crew ensure the safety of it's passengers and will not operate the ferry if the weather or conditions do not permit a safe crossing. Here are some tips and tricks for anyone preparing to cross in less than ideal conditions:


- To check your ferry status call Coastal Transport at (506) 662-3724 or check online at

- Do not to eat directly before or while on the ferry if it is rough

- Take Gravol or an anti-nausea medication 45 minutes prior to departing 

-Take a seat in the middle or the back of the boat, the boat rocks the most in the front 

- Keep your eyes on the horizon if you are feeling queasy

Ferry Crossing Tips

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