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Check-In Instructions

Check-in time: 3pm (catching the 1:30pm ferry from Black's Harbour will get you here right on time)


How to get here: We are located at 8 Kite View Lane; however, our lane is so new it’s not on the maps yet! Please look up 129 Ingalls Head Rd, the lane entrance is located there on the left-hand side. There are TTC signs visible from the road. Once on our lane please stay to the left, you will see our large sign at our driveway entrance, take that left down to the properties.

How to get in: Your cottage will have a smart lock on the dead bolt. Enter the code assigned to your cottage on the key pad and the lock will automatically open. When leaving your cottage, to lock your door simply press the lock button.


WIFI: To access the Wi-Fi, you can find the network name and password on top of the white modem on the TV stand, or take a picture of the QR code on top of the white modem on the TV stand. 


Outdoor furniture: If the outdoor sectional cushions are not out (in case of rain), they are in the closet in the King Room.

Where can you go: Our property goes from the little beach beside the wharf to the white buoy visible from the cottages on the left-hand side towards the water. Please respect the privacy of the other guests and our neighbours. Our property does not include the beautiful wharf please keep off.

Cottage Tips & Tricks

Coffee: To make the perfect cup of coffee: add 2 scoops of coffee beans to the electric grinder, grind for 10 seconds, add ground coffee to the French Press, add boiling water and let sit for 3 minutes.


Shower: You are staying in a cottage with a shower panel, and you have questions… you are not alone, we had no idea how to use it either! The lowest knob controls temperature. The highest knob turns on rainfall over head shower, the second knob turns on the jets and the third knob turns on the tap/shower wand. You can operate all three at the same time, however the water pressure does diminish.


Cleaning supplies: dish cloths/towels, dish drying rack, paper towel, rags, dish washer pucks and laundry pucks can be found under the sink. Brooms, vacuums and mops can be found behind the washing machines.


Trash and recycling: there is a wooden garbage bin located on the back side of the lot. If you need to dispose of any trash during your stay, please bring it to the bin. Empties and recycling can be placed in the bin as well. Unfortunately, Grand Manan is only able to recycle cardboard and drink containers. Please throw away any other plastics or metals.


Remotes and WIFI: Remotes for the TV and heat pump are located on the TV stand. Wifi network and password are on top of the white modem on the TV stand. Netflix should be signed in, if not contact the host.


Extra bedding: There are sheets, pillows and blankets for the sectional pull-outs located in the storage compartment (under the chaise cushion) of the sectional. There is an extra pillow and waffle blanket located in the closet. Baby stuff: All the baby and toddler gear is located in the closet, there is a tub, booster seat, pack ’n’ play with a mini crib mattress already set up with mattress protector and fresh sheet in the black bag for additional comfort for your little one.

Check-Out Instructions

Check-out time: 10am (unless confirmed with host, you will be charged $50 every half hour you are late).

  1. Please put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the machine before you leave. There are dishwasher detergent pods under the sink.

  2. Please turn off all lights. Turn off the heat pump in the summer, and to 62F (16C) in the winter.

  3. Please bring in the patio sectional cushions and place them in the closet in the king bedroom, so that they don’t blow away or get rained on.

  4. Please lock the door when you leave

  5. Have safe travels home or to your next adventure!!!


Out of consideration for our cleaners, please leave the cottages tidy. Please respect our property. Guests will be charged for the replacement or repair of any damages occurring during their stay, and an extra fee for cleaning if there is an unusual amount of mess left after their stay.


Check-out tips

  • Check the ferry schedule at, and reserve your spot. Ensure you arrive 45 mins prior to boarding.

  • Log off any accounts you may have signed in on the SmartTV.

  • Check under the beds/couch for any belongings that might have been dropped under there.

  • Check the fridge for anything you may have forgotten.

  • Grab your chargers, toothbrushes and sunglasses (we always manage to leave these behind)!


Thank you for choosing to stay at Turning Tide Cottages! Have a great time at your next destination or have safe travels home! If you enjoyed staying here, please leave a review. If there were any problems, or you have any suggestions email us at or call 506-662-4468 and let us know how we can improve. 

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